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10 benefits of the social directory for your business

There are many reasons why you should add your business to a directory. Here is a rundown of the benefits of having your business listed in a directory.

10 benefits of the social directory for your business

Why create a Listing on a Business Directory?

There are many reasons why you should add your business to a directory, but the main reason is to give your business the best possible chance to appear in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Page). The more places your Business appears around the Internet the better the chances of reaching higher rankings in search and being found.

Here is a rundown of the benefits of having your business listed on a directory for businesses

1. Improve your local search visibility

A directory helps your local community find your business. Most business directories have filtered business categories to add your listing to your industry. Local business directories are useful for targeting customers in your local community.

2. Enhance the online presence of your Business

It is important to accurately list your Business Name, Address and Phone Number. When potential customers search on Google or Bing for a service, they may come across your business listings on multiple directories. This can potentially put your business above your competitors and lead to a sale. The more times your business comes up in search the greater the likelihood of them visiting your website or call your business. Most business directories and listing websites extract business details from larger directories and create their listings with company name and contact details. At Social Directory we only list Businesses in our directory that want to be listed. We do this so we can optimize every listing and give each business the best possible chance to reach customers through search and social. Not that automatic or Free Business Listings are bad, but these usually only help half of what a dedicated and optimized listing would.

However, there are several instances where the accurate details do not get updated on the listing websites and web directories. To avoid such a situation, it is important to regularly check your listings and fix your online presence as you can.

3. Boost your SEO 

An online business directory listing will enhance your SEO. Search engine optimization is the craft of tweaking content in a way that search engines find it and rank it for Keywords in their search result pages. Business directories and listings that are optimized are a fantastic way to further enhance your existing content to attract higher Rankings of search engines like as Google and Bing.

4. Your Brand awareness and Local Search

Every Business strives to make its mark and this can be a costly exercise and quite frankly sometimes a waste of money if not treated correctly. When a potential customer searches for a Business or Service in their local area they are likely to get thousands of results for businesses like yours. many of these results would be on different Local Business directories, the trick is to make sure that your Brand listing appears in as many of these searches as possible. This will increase not only brand awareness for your business through local search directories but most importantly TRUST for your Brand or Business. The more a customer sees your business, the more trust they will gather that your business is a serious and recognized brand.

5. Generate Leads for your Business

A Business is not a Business if it doesn't have customers. And a cheap (and sometimes Free) way of gaining leads is through the searchability of listings on local search companies. The Social Directory way of doing this is different from other Directories online as we not only optimize your Business listing but also use our Network of social profiles to further promote your company and services.
The more we tell people about your Business the more reach your listing will have which can potentially bring in more leads for your business

6. Social Signals

Social signals are an important ranking factor for businesses online. As mentioned in previous points; the more your Business appears around the internet the greater the trust that is gained and Social Media is the go-to for trust and recognition.

With every Business Listing in our online social directory, we allow for adding your Social Media Profile links to make a relevant TRUSTWORTHY link back to your business details on the directory. This linking will send good social signals to the search engines and favor higher rankings due to this trust built through the connections to social media. With this at Social Directory, we go even further. If you have a Facebook, Instagram Business Page etc we will follow you and share your Social Content to other networks. This ten folds the value of your content and increases the Social Signals even further

7. Good, Cheap Marketing for your Business

The act of doing business doesn't always come cheap so when you get the opportunity, TAKE IT! Not only is the act of generally marketing your business expensive but it is also time-consuming. And in Business time is money. Many  Local Online Search Directories are free and some are paid.

So why pay for a listing when you can get them for free? Well at the end of the day it's about the service that you get with a Paid business directory of listing. If the value is there and the price is reasonable then by all means get listed as it will definitely be money well spent.

8. No need  for a website to feature in a Business directory

If you don’t have a website yet you can still create listings in online business directories. In fact, if you don't have a Business website then Local Directory Listings is a MUST if you want your company to have a chance against your competitors.

Local listings can start working for you from the moment you submit your business listing and when you have your website up and running, most listing companies will let you update your listings to include a link to your new shiney website.

9. Online business directories promote businesses

We are in the business of helping companies promote themselves. One of the stand out benefits of online business directories like Social Directory is that they actively promote the businesses in their databases.

At Social Directory, we actively promote all our business partners as part of our basic business listing service. The more business we get for our customers the happier they are and who doesn't like a happy customer right?

10. Backlinks are easy with Local Business Directories

You may have heard the term 'backlinks', but what are they exactly?

In a nutshell and as you may have deciphered; backlinks a links that point back to your website. They are an authoritative factor that makes your website more visible and also more credible.

In an 'interverse' full of billions of websites it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad; so one of the fallback mechanisms of search engines to gauge the difference is through these backlinks.

The more backlinks your Business website has pointing to it the more times the crawler bits will visit your website, which in turn will give it preference over a business that has fewer of these links connecting back to it 

Our Final Thoughts on the Benefits for Online Business Directory Listings

We know that being a local search company it may sound a little biased to highlight the benefits of only directory listings, but the truth of the matter is that these benefits are legit and worth the time and money you spend creating them.

Time is of the essence when running your business, and whenever you get the chance to double down on your marketing tasks with minimal effort, go for it!

Some listings are free, some are inexpensive while some business directory listings are crazy expensive. Free Listings are a no-brainer and the paid options should be looked at based on the services they provide.

As a minimum, any paid listing should allow you to enter ALL your business details including your branding assets such as logos etc.

If the price is affordable, like our listings, and the service they provide adds value then do your business a favor and get your local business listing details up.

Start promoting your business or services to both the local and international audience you deserve which you can worry about the other 1000 things you have to do in your busy working life!

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