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About Us

What is Social Suite?

Social Suite is a Social Media Management, Marketing, Monitoring, Messaging, and Merchant platform that helps businesses large or small automate their daily social media duties such as scheduling, following, replying, etc to save time, money, and resources, allowing them to focus on running their business and serving customers. Social Directory is one of many tools to help your business succeed with social media marketing.

Why should you use Social Directory?

We post on HUNDREDS of Influencer Social Media Profiles = More Exposure = More Trust = More Referrals = More Customers FOR YOU!

Here are the main benefits:

1. We improve your local search visibility

A directory listing helps your local community find your business. We have filtered business categories so you can add your listing to your industry, which is useful for targeting customers in your local community.

2. We enhance online presence of your business

When potential customers visit social media profiles, they may come across your business listings. This can potentially put your business above your competitors and lead to a sale. The more times your business shows on social media sites the greater the likelihood of them visiting your website or calling your business. We give each business the best possible chance to reach customers through search and social.

3. We boost your SEO 

Our online business directory listing will enhance your SEO. Search engine optimization is the craft of tweaking content in a way that search engines find it and rank it for Keywords in their search result pages. The business directory listings are optimized to further enhance your existing content to attract higher rankings from search engines like Google and Bing.

4. We generate leads for your business

A Business is not a Business if it doesn't have customers. And a cheap way of gaining leads is through the searchability of listings on local search companies. Our way of doing this is different from other Directories online as we not only optimize your Business listing but also use our Network of social media influencer profiles to further promote your company and services. The more your business is shown on social profiles, the more reach your listing will have which can potentially bring in more leads for your business

5. We provide good, cheap marketing for your business

The act of doing business doesn't always come cheap so when you get the opportunity, TAKE IT! Not only is the act of generally marketing your business expensive but it is also time-consuming. 

So why pay for a listing when you can get them for free? Well at the end of the day it's about the service that you get with a Paid business directory of listing. If the value is there and the price is reasonable then by all means get listed as it will definitely be money well spent.

6. No need  for a website to feature in a business directory

If you don’t have a website yet you can still create listings in our online business directory. In fact, if you don't have a Business website then Directory Listings is a MUST if you want your company to have a chance against your competitors.

Listings can start working for you from the moment you submit your social profile link and when you have your website up and running, you update your listings to include a link to your new shiney website.

7. We are in the business of promoting businesses

At Social Directory, we actively promote all our business partners as part of our basic business listing service. The more business we get for our customers the happier they are and who doesn't like a happy customer right?

Start promoting your business or services to both the local and international audience you deserve which you can worry about the other 1000 things you have to do in your busy working life!

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